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Компетенция Электромонтаж WS Лейпциг 2013 Electrical Installations

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Theoretical knowledge

2.2.1 Theoretical knowledge is required but not tested explicitly.
The theoretical knowledge is limited to that necessary to carry out the practical work: the programming of electronic and electromechanical components (not programmable logic controllers) such as timers, programmable relays and KNX components, reading drawings, sketches and schematic diagrams.

2.2.2 Knowledge of rules and regulations is not examined.

2.3 Practical work

The Competitor must be able to demonstrate a range of skills in the installation of electrical equipment, wiring systems and Structured Cabling Systems (SCS).
The Competitor must be able to carry out all required inspection, testing and commissioning for all relevant modules. When the Test Project is completed, it must be tested by the Competitor and the results submitted in writing.

The Test Project may include the following sub-modules and systems:

o Lighting installation
o Plug socket installation
o Installation of signal/control/power circuits (heat, motors etc. e.g. pump station, boiler control)
o Extra low voltage installation – limited to a maximum of 50 V (AC or DC)
o Wiring and connecting complete channels of cabling infrastructure: User cords, RJ 45
terminal outlets, cables, patch panels and patch cords
o Telephone carrier elements (remote control etc)
o Current and voltage measuring circuits (current transformers and selector switch systems, potential transformers and selector switch systems)
At least 3 different wiring systems should be used in each module.
 The design team responsible for the Test Project modules must also design a tool list which is sufficient enough to complete the Test Project. This list is to be used as a guide for the tool boxes.

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