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Конкурсное задание WS Сан Рауло 2015 Electrical Installations

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The Test Project will consist of three modules:
Module one – Domestic and Commercial installation module;
Module two – Programming;
Module three – Installation Testing.

The Test Project will consist of the following modules

Module one – Domestic and Commercial installation module

 17 hours maximum including commissioning and equipment setup;
 The Competition Organizer must supply materials for the competition only;
 Module one to begin on day C1;
 Measurement marks will be measured progressively each day as indicated by the Test Project;
 Module one must be completely finished and marked by the end of C3;
 Module one will be installed on three walls and the ceiling of the Competitors cubicle;
 Module one will include programming of a small smart relay, this will be programmed as part of module one and included in the module timeframe;
 Module one will include home and building automation devices;
 For this module, function for home and building automation will be limited to manual functions only;
 Drawings to be circulated at least five months prior to the Competition.

Module two – Programming Exercise

 Two hours ;
 Module two completed by the end of C4;
 The devices for programming will be installed by the Competitor as part of module one;
 Equipment to be used for Module two is to be circulated at least five months prior to the
 Competitors are to be provided with descriptions, other necessary documentations and associated product files (product data base);
 The Infrastructure List must state the languages that the software, software version and databases will be available in;
 Programming exercise is to be completed in front of the general public;
 Final function tasks decided upon at the Competition;
 Programming will be limited to switches controlling lighting, dimming and blind control only;
 Competitors will be forbidden to have electronic storage devices in their work station during this module.

Requirements for module three – Installation testing

 Installation testing will consists of one installation with two sections. Section one will be supplied
with an extra low voltage supply and can be tested live. Section two will receive no power;
 The test circuit designs must include the following circuits:
 A lighting circuit;
 A socket outlet circuit;
 A power circuit (such as a heater or a cooker);
 A control circuit (such as a pump control);
 A total of 10 faults must be installed;
 Installation testing faults must include as a minimum:
 One high earth resistance fault;
 One low insulation resistance fault;
 One incorrect polarity fault;
 One incorrect visual fault.
 Types of faults that may also be used are:
 Incorrect timer settings;
 Incorrect overload settings;
 Short circuit faults;
 Open circuit faults;
 High resistance joints;
 Interconnection;
 Competitors are required to bring their own test instruments to the Competition in order to be able to carry out the requirements of this module. They must meet the Host Country’s/Region’s health and safety requirements;
 All installation faults must be determined in accordance with “General Instructions for all modules, Test Specifications”;
Figure 1.1 is the standard symbols to be used for Installation Testing. The Competitor is to receive a copy of these symbols before module three commences;
 At the completion of C4 the Competitors will see the installed faults.


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